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Skomer Island

I’m lucky enough to live in Pembrokeshire so Skomer Island is not too far from me … but I never tire of going there. Of course the puffins are the star attraction but the sense of peace, getting away from everyday life, is just a short, fifteen minute boat ride away.

Evening Sunlight

The dappled sunlight on the road down to the river was warm and golden. The trees, now in full leaf, filtered the light into moving spotlights that picked out the lush kerbside verbiage on this evening in early July. The word for July in Welsh is Gorffennaf which means the end of Summer. There is…

A Welsh Summer

It’s Summer in South West Wales. A mixture of wet weather and precious interludes of warm sunshine. It’s easy to typecast Wales as a country of sheep and rain … but that’s not entirely true (although you can have both if you want them) it’s a moody, temperamental, passionate, stubborn and loyal place.